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Domain name and hosting

We help you chosing the right domain name  for your website and we host as well as buying them.

Aesthetic and ergonomy

We will guide you in chosing your website design according to your goals. Then, we will work together on your menu structure and pages to optimize user experience.

Embedding content

Once your website’s moke up has been validated, we start actually building it in embedding your written and images contents.


After your validation, we will put your website online. Only then we will provide you a quick course on using your back office properly. We can also take care of  your website functional monitoring.

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Making a website, but why ?

Nowadays, having a website for your business will not be taking a step ahead from your competition. He might already have one. However, in this digital era, having a website is showing a guaranteed credibility.
As permanent communication tool, your website allows you to communicate with your target in a continuous way regardless your field or target audience. Our consultants in Digital Strategy will guide you so you can spread your word through technical, aesthetically and ergonomically aspects.

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Your goals, your website

Communicate through a website is more than necessary but you have to do it right. Our Digital Strategy consultants will tell you, the idea is not to create a website just to have one. Goals have to be the motivation to create a website. Therefor, we are here to help you making the right choice, adapted on your goals, and the best way to achieve them.

Are you trying to sell products, present your services or sharing your passion… ? According to those possibilities, your website will definitely look different. Depending on what you want to show or share, we will advice your in realizing a showcase website, an e-commerce, a blog or an app. To satisfy all your needs, Insaniam will make everything possible to meet your expectation through the making and development of your custom made website.

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