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Community Management

Choosing the right social network(s), creating ads to targeted audience, adapting your message and posting time.


Create an ad campaign on social networks is a really good idea if you have a specific goal, localized and targeted audience.

Technological watch

Bringing your audience together. Steady posts about your activity and posting about infos about your line of business.


A regular analyze about your page’s or social networks stats to insure a ROI.

How to identify useful plateform ?

First of all, you have to know your target. This is true, social networks do not all have the same goal, therefore each community has a different behavior (LinkedIn is for BtoB, Facebook for BtoC, etc.). Methods of communication will be different from one social network to an other.

After a watch to examine your community behavior and your e-reputation, we will be able to start to help or fully manage your page and entertain your social networks..

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Insaniam is committed to ease your life.

From creating your identity on social network to fully manage it while creating ad campaigns and creating a dialogue with your community. We will take care of it all on your social networks, following your goals and fulfilling them.

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